Your Paranormal Encounters

These are personal stories submitted by you!

These stories are not tied to public locations - they are from private homes & other places. Supernatural encounters, UFO sightings and other strange events - they can all be added here.


Ghost(s) | Westmeath

There's a cottage not too far from me that had a bit of a reputation a few years back. A young couple I knew rented it for a few months and fled during the night because of things that were happening there. They'd hear loud noises and see dark shadows in corners. It felt cold and oppressive. They were terrified. But I also know the woman living there now and she has had no problem at all.
Abandoned Lough House

Ghost(s) | Co. Down

One day I was out walking and also doing a video chat with my friend and her mother showing them the countryside. As I was walking past an old abandoned lough house from the days of the Newry Ship Canal, all three of us witnessed a lady inside the house walk from where the kitchen area was to the fireplace and suddenly vanish. I had just put my phone in through the gap where the door wa […]
Glenhest Hotel

Ghost(s) | Kilbride, Wicklow

Many years ago, there was a beautiful hotel in Kilbride. It was called the Glenhest Hotel and it was a very lavish place in its time. I used to know two ladies who worked there as housekeeping staff and they said there were two rooms that were sealed off and never used because they were haunted. Wish I could remember the details. The hotel burned to the ground in the fifties.
Beware of the ghosts

Ghost(s) | The National Kart Centre, Limerick

A friend used to work there, he said when he started the other lads warned him about the ghosts when you'd be locking up at night. He just thought they were messing with him, he had no belief in ghosts anyway so he wasn't worried. After a few months, he was convinced that the place really was haunted. The sound of footsteps in the stairwell, the shape of a man standing in the doorway, t […]
The Woman In The Floppy Hat

Strange Encounter(s) | School Road, Rathcoole

I remember when I was about 11 or 12, going to the Poitín Stil with my family, aunt and cousins. The family home was nearby and two of my cousins had to go home to get something. When they returned, they were both absolutely terrified - they genuinely looked as if they had seen a ghost. They told us that as they passed the laneway that links School Road to Forest Hills, they saw "a litt […]
Haunted Memories

Strange Encounter(s) | Rathcoole Area, Dublin

This would have been about sixty years ago. My late husband was walking up the lane known as The Ranch in Rathcoole early one morning. There was nobody about and there was no wind - everything was completely still. He said he was passing a hedge when it began to sway violently - like there was a strong wind or someone was physically shaking it, but this would have been impossible and th […]
The Man in the Aran Sweater

Ghost(s) | Martry Cemetery, Kells

A man was returning home from a date with his then girlfriend (now wife) about 45 years ago. They were passing the old graveyard when he decided that he needed to relieve himself. He was standing there, answering nature's call at a roadside ditch just outside it, when he noticed a man wearing an old style Arun sweater standing nearby. It was about 3.30am and he sensed there was somethin […]
The Story of Charlotte

Ghost(s) | A former land commission cottage in rural Westmeath

I was asked once, by one the former people who lived in the cottage, did I ever experience any strange goings on when I lived there? He then went on to tell me that at 3am his car radio went on by itself and the car was locked waking him up. I recalled the TV going on in the middle of the night by itself and the volume turned up as high as it could when I lived there. Naturally, I presu […]
Childhood Memory of a Ghostly Encounter

Ghost(s) | Doolin, Co. Clare

My story comes from a family holiday to Doolin a number of years ago. We drove up from Dublin and stayed in a two-storey house behind the village. I was about thirteen or fourteen at the time. We arrived late in the evening and I vividly remember going upstairs to unpack and being struck by the feeling of being watched. The details of the room I stayed in are significant; plain white wa […]
Lady In The Flames

Caught on Camera | Uisneach, Westmeath

I took this photo at the Uisneach Fire Festival in 2017. I know flames can form shapes and it could have been my camera trying to focus on something, but the flames appear to resemble a defiant woman. The site is connected to the Goddess Ériu. Maybe I caught something more significant.
The Lady In The Woods

Ghost(s) | Westmeath

These photos were taken in a private woodland behind a house in rural Westmeath. The lady who took them, often goes down there to sit and meditate. Sometimes she performs fire ceremonies there. She always felt that there was “something” down there – but nothing menacing or in any way threatening. It is a calm, spiritual space. The first photo was taken one Halloween, but the second was […]
Lyrath Estate

Presence Felt | Kilkenny

This is a beautiful hotel set in stunning gardens on the outskirts of Kilkenny city. Most of the rooms and facilities are in a modern building but the original Lyrath House has been restored and is incorporated into the hotel building. I stayed during the early summer and it was a particularly warm day when I explored the reception rooms in the old house. As I entered the Mourning Room, […]
A Scary Graveyard Night

Strange Encounter(s) | Ireland

One night I was visiting my father’s grave in Ireland and there was a tall guy all in black and with a black cap on his scarf was over his face he was standing in the corner of the graveyard wall I found it very strange as he wasn’t visiting the graveyard or anyone’s grave when I entered the graveyard I looked back and he was gone I was standing beside my father’s grave when I seen him […]
Slieve Donard

Ghost(s) | Newcastle, Co Down

The locals in Newcastle Co Down say that the Slieve Donard Hotel is haunted with a lady and her child. The child fell to her death from a bedroom window and the mother followed her. I’ve heard the child laughing in the corridors when the bedrooms have been empty.