Conway Mill

Historian & paranormal enthusiast, Richard Felix, visits the site where the story of Helena Blunden originated. A supposed recording of the young woman’s voice was found in a fire bucket in 1999.

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Spike Island

During the 1980s, guards would be summoned by terrified prisoners who spoke of a ‘black entity’ entering their cells at night. Prisoners refused to stay in cell 9, with one even claiming to have been thrown from their bed in there.

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Castle Daly

It would appear that the one-time owners of Castle Daly liked to party, as the sound of music and laughter has been heard echoing through the ruins of this once great house. But those that have stayed long enough, report that the chilling sounds of screams and distressed cries can be heard when the music and laughter come to an end.

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Three Ghostly Tales From Waterford

This week I talk about an evil presence at Templemichael Church, a curse on a family that once owned Ballynatray House, and recount the story of the highwayman, William Crotty.

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The Barnesmore Gap, Donegal | Haunted Road in Ireland

One night, a man picked up a mysterious female hitchhiker. As they drove through the Barnesmore Gap, the passenger suddenly whispered, “stop here…this is where I died”. When he turned around, she was gone.

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