The Woman In The Floppy Hat

Strange Encounter(s) | School Road, Rathcoole

I remember when I was about 11 or 12, going to the Poitín Stil with my family, aunt and cousins. The family home was nearby and two of my cousins had to go home to get something. When they returned, they were both absolutely terrified – they genuinely looked as if they had seen a ghost. They told us that as they passed the laneway that links School Road to Forest Hills, they saw “a little woman” standing at the entrance. She looked out of place and was wearing what they described as a floppy hat. When the figure saw them, she let out a cry and ran away up the lane. They had no idea who or what it was, and even thought that it might have been a banshee.

Thanks to RR24 for submitting this story.