The Story of Charlotte

Ghost(s) | A former land commission cottage in rural Westmeath

I was asked once, by one the former people who lived in the cottage, did I ever experience any strange goings on when I lived there? He then went on to tell me that at 3am his car radio went on by itself and the car was locked waking him up. I recalled the TV going on in the middle of the night by itself and the volume turned up as high as it could when I lived there. Naturally, I presumed it was my son, who was a toddler at the time, but when I got out of bed and checked he was fast asleep. We began to exchange stories.

He told me that they regularly saw a tall figure of a man wearing a top hat and a long coat passing through the yard and disappearing down toward the sheds. He had enquired from a local elderly lady, who might this be, having not originated from this area himself. She replied that it would be the ghost of a well known landlord from the 1800’s Howard Featherstonhaugh…that he would have owned all the land around here.

I went on to chat to other family members to hear more and I found out that in particular the females in the house would regularly hear chatting (sometimes it sounded like a large group of people as if there was a party taking place in the kitchen). One family member told me she remembers getting out of bed as a child, on hearing all the voices and peeped into the room but the chatter stopped and there was nobody there. She also told me that she felt tapping on her lower back, as she stood at the sink, from what she felt was as if a small child was trying to get her attention….but there was nobody there when she turned around.

When I lived there, the doorbell used to ring by itself. At first I would answer the door and there was nobody there. I presumed it was children playing games with me. Sometimes it was the front door and sometimes the back door. One day I opened the door immediately and it was then I realised that nobody could have hidden that fast. At that moment as I stood there, I saw the light inside the doorbell, light up by itself and the doorbell rang as if somebody had just pressed it. I told my husband what had happened at it said it was probably just an energy surge, just like how he explained the TV going on by itself. Whoever or whatever it was, it felt like a very playful energy to me and nothing to be afraid of.

Sometime in the future I moved house a couple of doors down and I regularly heard a child running in the corridor upstairs. It sounded like a very young child. Several times, I checked to see were my children out of bed playing but they were always fast asleep.

I had guests over for dinner one night and it happened. There were four of us sitting-having drinks, when the sound of little feet running up and down started. We all heard it. I asked my friend to come upstairs with me as a witness and she saw that my children were sound asleep. She re-laid that my children were fast asleep to the others and at that moment, her husband stood up, put on his coat and said we are going home! I laughed at this, as there was nothing but a beautiful playful energy, but I suppose maybe I was used to it.

A couple who moved in after me into the cottage chatted to me one day about feeling the spirit of a child there. The doorbell was ringing by itself but the child was now visible to the woman living there. She sometimes woke her up and night, by pulling on her arm as asking her to “come outside and play with me”. She was a young girl with dark hair in ringlets and wearing clothing from another era. She also reported seeing what looked like a motherly figure at the same time scolding the child for waking someone up like that. The doorbell continued to ring by itself…so much as that in the end they took the wires out to stop it. Just before they left to move to a bigger house, they had someone babysit as they went out to their local for a drink. The doorbell began to ring by itself again…and there was nobody there. The baby sitter phoned the couple about this. They replied that the wires has been removed from the doorbell so it shouldn’t be ringing. The babysitter asked them to return home immediately and that he wasn’t going to babysit again until they were in their new house!

I had a friend here one day who can see things and he told me that there is a little girl looking in your window at you while you work…her name is Charlotte he said. It was nice to have a name for her since she was going between houses now. He felt she was killed in an accident where a horse and cart had crossed her many years previous.

For a while, the cottage was vacant and a friend was coming to stay. I asked her would she like to stay in the cottage to get some peace? She replied, “but what about the little girl”? I had forgotten that she had heard us mention her… so I told a white lie so she wouldn’t be scared. I said “I made her up. She isn’t real”. Never in a million years did I think she’d see her too. So the next morning I asked her how she slept and she said “I was woken by a little girl sitting on top of me in the bed pulling me up by both arms. The little girl said “please come and play with me…I’m so lonely”. My friend had tears in her eyes at the thoughts of the child being lonely. She described her as having a white petticoat and dress and she wore an ochre yellow bonnet. She had long dark hair in ringlets.

After that I organised a ceremony to help move Charlotte on to the next dimension. We loved her little footsteps around. She had a beautiful energy but knowing she was lonely and maybe stuck here was not ok. Charlotte hasn’t been heard or seen for about ten years now so we are happy that she is now finally at peace.

About six years ago, an Italian woman who stayed did report hearing what sounded like a party going on in the cottage at night, but on getting up, she couldn’t see anything. That was the last report of any activity. Right now all is quiet.

Thanks to Anon24 for submitting this story.