The Man in the Aran Sweater

Ghost(s) | Martry Cemetery, Kells

A man was returning home from a date with his then girlfriend (now wife) about 45 years ago. They were passing the old graveyard when he decided that he needed to relieve himself. He was standing there, answering nature’s call at a roadside ditch just outside it, when he noticed a man wearing an old style Arun sweater standing nearby. It was about 3.30am and he sensed there was something odd about him. When he returned to his girlfriend, she commented that he looked like he had seen a ghost. When he got home and opened the door, the family pet – a Labrador – was in its usual spot in the hallway inside the door, but instead of greeting him, the dog’s hackles stood up as if there was something standing behind the man who had just walked in.

Thanks to purp0624 for submitting this story.