Haunted Memories

Strange Encounter(s) | Rathcoole Area, Dublin

This would have been about sixty years ago. My late husband was walking up the lane known as The Ranch in Rathcoole early one morning. There was nobody about and there was no wind – everything was completely still. He said he was passing a hedge when it began to sway violently – like there was a strong wind or someone was physically shaking it, but this would have been impossible and there wasn’t even a breeze that night.

My late brother is law also had a weird encounter up the hill. Again, he was passing through late at night and he passed a set of locked iron gates – the really old, heavy style gates. They started to rattle – really rattle, but there was nobody there. The area was too isolated for anyone to be in hiding and this man was a tough country man – not the sort who would just imagine stuff like this.

Thanks to H for submitting this story.