Childhood Memory of a Ghostly Encounter

Ghost(s) | Doolin, Co. Clare

My story comes from a family holiday to Doolin a number of years ago. We drove up from Dublin and stayed in a two-storey house behind the village. I was about thirteen or fourteen at the time. We arrived late in the evening and I vividly remember going upstairs to unpack and being struck by the feeling of being watched. The details of the room I stayed in are significant; plain white walls, a polished wooden floor and a large, tall window facing my bed that was covered by a set of heavy dark blue curtains.

The longer I stayed in the room unpacking, the more the feeling of being watched grew, and eventually I rushed back downstairs because it was starting to unnerve me so much. I couldn’t put my finger on what bothered me exactly, but I knew something about the room didn’t feel quite right.

I woke up that same night at roughly three o’clock in the morning, freezing cold, and looking towards the window, saw what appeared to be a woman in a long, flowing white dress standing with her back to me. I watched in absolute silence, paralysed by fear. There was no sound whatsoever, like it had been sucked into a vacuum, and her form had a sort of shimmering transparency about it, almost like when you look at something underwater. Only a minute or two passed but I remember it feeling like an eternity before I summoned up the courage to reach over and turn the bedside lamp on. The figure immediately disappeared but the room stayed cold.

I decided to spend the rest of the night downstairs.

In the morning, I told my family what had happened and none of them believed me. I didn’t see the lady again for the rest of the holiday, but the feeling of being watched every time I went upstairs remained.

Thanks to Tom O’Brien for submitting this story.