Abandoned Lough House

Ghost(s) | Co. Down

One day I was out walking and also doing a video chat with my friend and her mother showing them the countryside. As I was walking past an old abandoned lough house from the days of the Newry Ship Canal, all three of us witnessed a lady inside the house walk from where the kitchen area was to the fireplace and suddenly vanish. I had just put my phone in through the gap where the door was for the ladies to see inside.

Following this experience myself and others have had more experiences here like hearing the engine of a phantom boat said to still sail the canal, EVPs, spirit box responses, apparitions on camera etc. We plan on investigating more lough houses in the future as there was one for every lough on the canal which stretches from Newry, Co. Down to Portadown, Co. Armagh.

Thanks to Snowman32 for submitting this story.