A Scary Graveyard Night

Strange Encounter(s) | Ireland

One night I was visiting my father’s grave in Ireland and there was a tall guy all in black and with a black cap on his scarf was over his face he was standing in the corner of the graveyard wall I found it very strange as he wasn’t visiting the graveyard or anyone’s grave when I entered the graveyard I looked back and he was gone I was standing beside my father’s grave when I seen him again he ran past me hiding right behind the little shed inside the graveyard talking to himself laughing peeking out saying there going to die other people seen him and two young girls visiting there mother’s grave got a fright and ran out of the graveyard crying and one girl said this guy is so scary and he carries a knife or blade he comes out at night to steal item’s of people’s graves the police have been told I took no notice of what they said to me I said a few prayer’s and just before I was going to go home he ran across the graveyard naked with his hands in the air screaming evil is coming tonight get out everyone get out of this graveyard now your all dead I was walking out of the graveyard and he ran towards me with what looked like a knife or some object I moved in behind the tall grey pillars at the gates and he couldn’t see me and he was making cat sounds and laughing so he began to run back up the graveyard screaming words evil has arrived your all going to die and I can smell the dead bodies falling from the sky haha haha haha he was licking the graves jumping in the air and he screams and falls on a grave I got out of there so fast my heart was beating like never before when this was reported to the local police they searched the whole graveyard and searched again in the morning and days later and this guy was gone no clothes no clues no sign of him he just vanished into tin air and still to this day people are nervous visiting the graveyard because they think this guy could come back and hurt someone the police where giving a description of this man by over 15 people including me but this man has never been found and nobody knows where he’s vanished to or who he even was or why he was carrying on that way they bought some people think he was a ghost that comes out every night to scare people in the graveyard he was never seen ever again to this day people are nervous become of him.

Thanks to David P Carroll for submitting this story.