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The videos on my Youtube Channel will be bite-sized stories about haunted locations all over Ireland. These will include hotels, castles, great houses, pubs, theatres & more.

In time, I plan to visit some of the places featured and share my own experiences on the channel. I already have a couple arranged for later in the year, but I want to do more. I will need some subscribers to encourage me!

To create this particular video, I borrowed some clips from promo videos made by hotels and tourist destinations, so I acknowledge their work and I hope I’m not upsetting anybody. Spirited Isle does have a paranormal tourism element attached so I hope these and other locations will ultimately benefit from any additional exposure I can offer.

The locations included in this promo were:

To view the full directory, please click here. To submit your true paranormal encounters, click here.

Remember, if you’re interested in ghosts and have an interest in Ireland, please bookmark this website and be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Thank you.