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Submit Your True Tales of the Paranormal in Ireland

Submit YOUR True Tales of The Paranormal in Ireland

I hope to create some special content for Halloween, but I need YOUR input!

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Renvyle House Hotel & Resort

The Ghosts of Renvyle House

The original house was burned to the ground in 1923 but some of the ghosts that were encountered there are still said to remain to this day.

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Mullingar Arts Centre

The Ghosts of The Mullingar Arts Centre

The popular venue is reputedly haunted by the ghosts of prisoners who were executed at the site when it was home of the Mullingar gaol.

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Kytelers Inn

The Kilkenny ‘Witch’ Hunt

She was born into wealth and clearly liked money and status. She was also widowed four times, but was Alice Kyteler really a witch?

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Bonamargy Friary

The Black Nun of Bonamargy

The ghost of Julia MacQuillen - also known as "the black nun" - is said to haunt the ruins of Bonamargy Friary in Antrim.

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