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Ross Castle

The Ghosts of Ross Castle

Unsuspecting guests and clued-up ghost hunters alike have experienced paranormal activity in and around Ross Castle, County Meath.

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Charleville Castle

The Ghosts of Charleville Castle

The ghost of a young girl called Harriet is one of the spirits said to walk the halls of the magnificent Charleville Castle.

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Spirited Isle - A Guide to Haunted Ireland

Holiday Time

New video content will be published in September, but for now – I am taking a short break.

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Duckett's Grove

The Curse of Duckett’s Grove

Given the sad state of the once magnificent Duckett's Grove, a curse that was placed upon it many years ago may have had the desired effect.

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St. Audoen's Church

St. Audoen’s Church & The Gates of Hell

St Audoen’s Church stood fast during turbulent times, the area of the city surrounding it was referred to as “Hell”.

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