Halloween 2021

Welcome to the Spirited Isle guide to Halloween in Ireland.

Ireland is the birth place of Hallowe'en so we know how to mark the occasion! The annual celebration is derived from the Celtic festival of Samhain ('summer's end'), marking the end of harvest and the beginning of the new Celtic new year. It was a time of music, storytelling and feasting - three of the things that we do very well. 

On this day, the veil between our world and whatever lies beyond is also said at its thinnest, so where better to be on Hallowe'en than in the truly haunted land that is Ireland. 

Please note that I have no involvement in or association with any of the events listed and that I am provided this listing free of charge. If you like what I am doing, please consider Buying Me A Coffee!

Festivals & Scare Attractions

Find out more about some of the regular, seasonal festivals and scare events taking place each October across the country.

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The Scare Factory
Cleeves Condensed Milk Factory
Pumpkin Patch & Halloween Tour
Crumlin Road Jail
Pooka Spooka
Causey Farm
Púca Festival
Various - Athboy, Drogheda & Trim
Causey Farm
Derry Hallowe’en Festival
Various Venues - Derry, Donegal & Strabane

Stay In A Haunted Hotel

Why not heighten your experience and book in to one of Ireland's many haunted hotels?