Experience: Halloween night

I had heard all the stories on this house myself but only for the experience that night I wouldn’t believe it myself.

Halloween night let’s say ten years ago me and 8 other friends agreed to walk in around Woodlawn see what happens. As we were approaching the house’s Front two people in our group who were a few spaces away from another start mentioning a dog or something about a dog? They both had seen something the rest of us missed. We continue to walk further in. All of a sudden alarms start going off telling us to LEAVE

So we all get a hop over the alarm but the lads in our group are like we can see the cars here – we are at the right side of the house at this point. The lads are like come this way we will be quicker blah blah blah. We follow. This is when it takes a strange turn. We go from being in view of the cars parked to the back of the house to all of a sudden no cars or house in site.

We end up coming out through the back of someones house just close to the railway station at the entrance to the village miles from the house or where we were. All 10 of us remember crossing a fence from where we seen the cars to the long walk back we couldn’t understand how we got there.

We were teleported or lifted by fairy’s something saved us the house is definitely haunted

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