Experience: Strange encounter at the Shelbourne


I stayed at the Shelbourne back in 2003.  I was on a business trip, with another female colleague and we stayed for 1 night.  I woke in the middle of the night and my room had completely changed – it had a Victoriana appearance.  The arch to the hall/bathroom was now covered in long draped curtains and beyond the curtains was the sound of a young crying female.  I was absolutely stricken and hid beneath the covers with a ponding heart.  How I got back to sleep in that state of fright,  I will never know.  I woke to my mobile phone ringing and the room decor was back to itself.  When I checked out, I asked the front desk person -had any peculiar happenings been reported in the hotel.  He said (nonchalantly) yes it had.  In the taxi, I shared my experience with my colleague.  The taxi driver said “were you in room 256?”  Yes! I responded.  He went onto explain that it was well known that the room was haunted.  Now, I cannot remember the actual room number but it was something similar.  Not had an opportunity to stay there since.  Never had an experience like this before or since.