Experience: Evil

This has never happened to me before (I am 48 years old and have no “experience” with the supernatural) but the best word I can think to describe today’s occurrence is evil.   As a friend and I were touring the cathedral today, chatting, taking photos, reading the provided history guide, something unexpected happened.  As we approached the side chapel, my chest became very tight and a feeling of darkness/evil (for no better word to describe it) came over me. Each step we took closer to that communion area the tightness became more painful to the point my hands were shaking and I told my friend “I have to get away from this area”. As I was backing away, I was overwhelmed with emotion to the point of crying for no apparent reason.  Once I was probably 20 steps away, the pain subsided and I was just a bit shaken by the experience, but physically all “symptoms” were relieved.
I have no idea what happened in this side chapel, but I can assure you, something evil or some very negative energy was left behind.
Again, I’m just a realtor from small town Illinois, with no past experiences, but what happened today was very real and unexplainable.

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