Experience: I am an ancestor to the Dillon family who originally built in 1500.


25 years ago my mother and I traveled to Ireland and it was a must for her to vivit The Portlick Castle. My mother traced our ancestors back to Sir Henry de Leon in the 12th century. They later changed the de Lion nsme to Dillon and my my grandmother madin name was Bessie Dillon. Bessies father was Adolphus Dillon, then Ellis Dillon, Jesse Dillon, Daniel Dillon, Luke Dillon, Daniel Dillon, Luke Dillon, Patrick Dillon who was born in 1617 in Athlone Co. Westmeath Ireland. When we traveled there I was driving a rental car and because the castle is in the woods, it was extremely hard to find. When we got there the workmen remodeling the castle said it was ok if we looked indide as long as we did not touch anything. My mom was 85 so she stayed on the ground floor, but I went up and down everywhere and took over 100 pictures. All of the rooms were completely ready for guests with antiques sitting out everywhere. All of the windows had period drapes and the beds were also beautiful. I am 76 years young now and if possible would really enjoy spending several nights in Port Lick and walking the grounds where my ancestors did. I really hope the new owners get the Castle Hotel up and running again so I can complete my bucket list to stay there. Thank You, Sincerely Bruce Shaw Roggy, The Shaw from The Bally Gally Castle Hotel on the northern eastern coast of Ireland.