Experience: Phantom knocks on the billet door

I was into my final week of training before I passed out in Collins barracks. It was the middle of June 1992. We were an all women’s platoon, one night, most of the platoon went on a night out, I was too tired, so stayed in the billet along with another girl, her bunk was behind a partition, the billet room was split in two. My bunk was near the door. I got ready for bed, as I got into bed there was a loud knock on the door, I got up, went to the door, opened it, but there was no one there. I shut the door and got back into bed. After a couple of minutes, the same thing happened, another knock, I went and opened the door again, and once again no was there. This happened a third time, and at this stage, I thought someone was acting the maggot. I got the idea to stand right behind the door, so when the prankster knocked, I would open the door real quick and catch them. So that’s exactly what I did, I stood behind the door ready, then I heard the knock, well I opened that door so quickly, but to my horror, no one stood on the other side, I went out, looked up and down the corridor, went and looked down the stairs, no one, I opened the door too fast not to catch anyone, but I felt a feeling of dread, I was scared s*”bless. I sat on the window sill outside the billet room trying to figure out what I was experiencing, was I imagining those knocks, all of a sudden, I felt the coldest iciest breeze rush by me, and I know this is clich√©, but head chains rattling. That was it from me, our billet was right at the top of the building, where the designer furniture is, supposedly we’re a red coat young British soldier hung himself from a beam, because he was being bullied. I ran back to my bunk, frantically got dressed, ran down the stairs to where the military police were on night duty, and begged them to let me go home, and I promised Id be back for parade first thing in the morning, they allowed me, they could see how shaken I was. I cycled home that night, told my parents what happened, next day I turned up for parade, the girl behind the partition, slept right through my creepy experience. Collins Barracks is extremely haunted, most of the staff that work there now have seen stuff, as for the military police at the bottom of the building? I opened the door far too quickly, I know for a fact it wasn’t a prank, nobody alive could’ve gotten down those stairs without me seeing them. Today I’m an avid ghost Investigator, and have photos of possible spirits, but that night in Collins barracks will stay with me forever.

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