Experience: Mullingar Arts Centre (Collected via YouTube)

As I have performed on stage before for the show Oliver in 23 of feb 2024 we came in 8 hours before the show. But the vibe wasn’t a normal vibe. We went in the locker rooms. That’s when the vibe became more creepy. And we came rushing out after my friends water bottle moved on its own infront of us. As we were about to go on stage. A door moves on its own. And it gave me such a huge fright I almost pissed my self. I am still frightened about this and every time we go there. That creepy vibe comes back. Bathroom lights also flicker sometimes with creeks. Creeks that I wish I never herd. At one point we were practising and the chairs were up. We were at the very back waiting for our turn when the lights behind us turn off. Because the staff turned it off. 5 minutes later a VERY Wierd vide comes and the temperature drops. Me and my friend felt some sort of breath on our necks. We started joking around but then the vibe became more creepy so we changed spots. I can say I do think this place is haunted and i can’t believe I was in a haunted building. It’s a nice place to look at but the vibe and true story is VERY Creepy. Still shocked that I was in a Haunted building.

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