Experience: Blocked Off Room (collected via YouTube)

My wife and I are staying in room 318, and the so called haunted room is right next door. We just realized it about a hour ago. It’s a door with no number. When you open it it’s blocked off with sheet rock. There is a few name’s on it. We are going to right our name on it. Funny thing when we arrived yesterday, we were in the room I had my light on my side of the bed . And it was flickering for about 10 to 15 seconds. And I turned to my wife and joking saying it was haunted . Then last night the same thing. . And again this morning. So I Google is the Maldron haunted. Finding this video. Well when we went to breakfast. Right to the right of our door is a door with no numbers Thinking it was a closet. When we opened it, it was a wall of sheet rock. Very strange.

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