Experience: Our First Paranormal Experience

It happened last week’ we stayed few night in Maldron Shandon hotel in Cork. We stayed in room 409. Our bedroom was located just in front of a cemetery and a church. On the groundfloor’ there is the history of the building with some old pictures recently printed mentioning that it was a hospital, there were some staff names listed with their roles. After reading it, I could guess some spirits could stay there and I read some articles about paranormal experiences in that hotel.

The second day of our stay we noticed our both room cards are no longer activated. I thought that it could be my phone or my bag (with the magnetic closure) that could dis activated them. So we Went to the reception to activate them again. Nothing strange , our cards work again.

That second night, I was in a deep sleep. My partner who was still up, watched some videos on internet. It was really late, at about midnight. He started to hear some noises « cling cling » from the wardrobe located beside our bed. Hé did not pay attention at first and was focus on his video. Then the noise was there again, this time he paid attention, turned his head towards the noise (the wardrobe had no doors) and saw the hangers spread evenly on the bar moving side by side about 5 cm rotation all together. Surprised and scared, My partner walked toward the wardrobe and separated all hangers on each side of the wardrobe.

There were not clothes fell from hangers. Each hanger is made by iron on top, the hook part is indépendant from the hanger part’ and the rest of the part is made from wood.

The following night, there were not paranormal activities in our bedroom apart from our room cards. My partner and I left our card in our pocket all along the stay avoiding any contact with suspicious objects that could disactivate them.

Still we needed to activate each day our both cards. The receptionist found it strange that they needed to daily activate them. I did not dare to talk about strange thing happening in the room in front of other customers.

We went there for holiday with our daughter, strangely my 4 years old daughter did not see or feel anything strange. With my partner, It was our first paranormal experience.

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