Experience: Mysterious woman

I was visiting the pub in 2003 not having any background about it. The age of the building drew us in and we stayed for pints and dinner. Our time was very enjoyable and the meal was good. Before dinner, I visited the women’s washroom. When I came out of the cubicle to the sink area, I noticed a woman straightening her hat in the mirror. We didn’t speak but it struck me that she was also in a long black skirt and quite narrow in stature. I thought maybe she was an actress in a local play. Anyway I exited slightly behind her and wandered throughout to see which table she might be sitting at. There was no sign of her anywhere, except when I spotted the Caricature of Dame Alice in the restaurant it struck me that this was the woman I saw in the washroom. It was all so strange, I have never forgotten the experience.

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