Experience: Multiple visits to Daly Castle

Our first visit to castle Daly was in early November, it was a cold night 2 degrees Celsius. My friend and I were hesitant it was pitch dark and we forgot to bring torches. Deciding to use our phones torches to continue. The moment I stepped out of the car I could here footsteps coming down the road, I immediately got back in to the car having gathered my courage I decided to go check out the sound of footsteps I had heard coming from about 30 feet up the road at the entrance to the castle, there was nothing, I looked in the fields adjacent and there was no animal or person that I could see. My friend got cold feet so I decided to go in to the grounds of the castle by myself recording audio as I ventured in. I climbed the farm gate to the back entrance of the castle and started looking around in the outhouses of the castle. Having seen the outhouses I decided to walk from there to the main Court yard of the castle. On my right was the first turret of the castle and I was feeling very calm at this moment an overwhelming feeling of calm. I approached the first turret and looked inside there was not much in there and I was still feeling very calm. I decided to walk to the turret on the right (if looking from front of the castle) passing the main gate of the castle. At this moment I felt electric feeling all over my body like I had walked in to an area of static electricity. Looking in to the turret of the castle I could see some structure and decided to enter. As soon as I was about to place my foot on the wall to hop in something large shuffled from inside, it sounded big for an animal so I thought it might have been a person. At this point being on my own and having one light source I ran back to the car. As I was running back I could still hear whatever it was clamoring and shuffling inside the turret. The audio I was recording picked up this sound too. After this we decided to leave and try again another night as my feelings were all over the place after this incident.


On the second night we had returned with torches, and we were preparing to record and take video footage. My friend had assured me that she would definitely accompany me inside the castle this time. This was two weeks after our first night at the castle. We stopped our car in the same place again, right by what would be the back entrance to the castle beside an enclosure used for cattle. I got out of the car first and opened the back door of the car to retrieve my jacket. After opening the door I paused, I could here footsteps once again, however, these footsteps were different they sounded like they were walking really heavily on a wet hard surface, baring in mind this night the ground was dry and there had been no recent rain. The footsteps sounded as if they were about 50 feet away and getting closer. The pace started to pick up and then turn in to a jog and then a run sounding like they were getting closer and closer. At this point again flight mode kicked in and I jumped in to the car and locked the doors. My friend the whole time was asking me what I was doing at the back door paused, she could not hear the footsteps I told her that if I saw or heard anything that I wouldn’t tell her until after. So I decided to drive off and tell her what I had heard. She agreed that it was best to probably leave it be for the night and we would return the next day during light to investigate. While heading home my entire body felt like every last bit of energy had been drained from it. A sharp pain originating from my lower back and mirroring out to my front lower abdomen. The front pain was larger than my back, I have never felt a mirrored pain like this before in my life. This pain lasted all night until I fell asleep and woke up the next morning. I felt as if something had driven a knife or sword through me, it was a really strange sensation.

The third visit to the castle was a cold morning at the beginning of December. We both got out of the car after calling for protection and this time we both listened for foot steps and heard none. Our first time at the castle during the day felt very peaceful we were recording audio the whole visit. We entered the castle once again from climbing over the farm gate. Walked in to the outhouses and had a look around. Calm feeling again on this cold winters morning the sun was shining and felt very peaceful. We continued to walk towards the turrets. Again the turret on the left of the castle was empty and overgrowth prevented me from entering safely. Approaching the turret on the right I once again felt a strong electric feeling all over my body, I decided to go in to the turret and investigate the inside to look for signs of an animal living inside to explain the shuffling that had driven me away the very first night I was in my own. The inside of the turret is gutted all the ways to the top. There are old fireplaces up along the turret made from clay bricks. Old remains of plasters walls and rooms were visible ad you look up. I started looking on the ground of the turret for signs of animals fur, dropping s or any other sign there was something living in there at night. There was none and looked like of an animal even as small as a sheep would have trouble navigating I to the interior of the castle as it was fenced from the front and the cow or sheep or any other animal would have to jump a good 2.5-3 feet to get in. No way was it a domestic animal that was in there that definitely was ruled out. Them wild animal or fox perhaps a badger. This sounded bigger than that though so I don’t think it was. Exiting the turret having found no evidence of animals apart from birds we stood in the center of the court yard once again just absorbing in the scene. A minute or two later I heard two to three foot steps again, I asked my friend did she hear them and she did not. However, the footsteps were picked up on the audio loud and clear. While reviewing the audio the moment I ask my friend did she see that it can be heard speaking over the word did on the audio, a growl is heard at this moment. After another minute or two passed I got an overwhelming feeling of dread and without telling my friend this told her we should leave. Analysis of the audio picks up several unexplained phenomenon, the footsteps can be heard easily with me saying afterwards did you hear that. I saw a light that passed my eyes also and this was when I asked my friend did she see that and the growl is heard loudly over my voice when I started to speak. Also, whispering is also on the audio however this will need to be isolated from the sound of wind and enhanced to make out what sounds to me to be a girl or women whispering something in to the microphone. There is something powerful that inhabits the grounds of castle Daly and precautions must be made in advance of investigation of this site for paranormal purposes. I plan to analyze the audio of this adventure in the future when I have adequate time.

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