Woodlock House

Woodlock House
Portlaw, Waterford, Ireland.

This location has either been included based on the experience of a site user or where a reputable source has referenced an alleged haunting either at the location or in the immediate vicinity.

This fine property (also known as Portlaw House) was built in 1864 as a private residence for George Pim Malcolmson and his wife Emily Maud. In accordance with Emily’s wishes, on her death, the property was bequeathed to the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny who established a convent and nursing home. The property was later acquired by a private company who continued to provide care services to the elderly, but the cost of operating and maintaining such a property to the standard that was required ultimately led to its closure in 2011.

The property was acquired by a publishing house in 2014, and after extensive restoration and refurbishment works, Woodlock House is now a plush corporate space.

But why is the property listed here?

I have seen vague references to the property being haunted and am adding it as a “Rumour” in the hope that someone will shed more light on this. When in use as a nursing home, I read that staff would sometimes report hearing the sound of a baby crying, even though the care they provided was for the elderly. Nevertheless, they would search for the child but never find it. It was also said that doors would open and close by themselves and there would be sudden changes in temperature too.

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Venue Name
Carrick Road, Portlaw, Waterford, X91 K7HT, Ireland

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