Windyhill Road

Windyhill Road
Derry, Ireland.

This lonely yet picturesque stretch of road is reputedly haunted by the sinister spectre of an eighteenth century highway man.

Many locals will avoid this road after dark to avoid meeting the ghost of Patrick Cushie Glen also known as Cushy Glen. Back in the day, Cushy Glen would observe his wealthy victims before ambushing them along here. He would rob and murder them, disposing of their bodies in an area known as the murder hole.

It is said that Harry Hopkins, a wealthy cloth merchant, was preparing to travel home along the road one night (possibly in 1799) and that he had a considerable sum of money on him. He was observed by Cushy at a tavern in Colerarine where a bartender advised Hopkins to seek refuge for the night and to avoid travelling that road alone. But Hopkins wanted to get home. He was given the loan of a pistol and set off on his way. Sure enough, Cushy Glen mounted his attack as the lone rider neared his home along what was then known as the Murder Hole road. Hopkins fired his pistol, and Cushy fell to the ground wounded. The merchant made his escape. The story continues that a medic was summoned and was led blindfolded to a house where the stricken highway man was being cared for, but that he could not be saved.

More than 200 years later, people still feel a presence on this road and some have reported hearing the sound of ghostly hooves approaching.

Venue Name
Windyhill Road, Derry, Ireland

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