Wicklow Head Lighthouse

Wicklow Head Lighthouse
Wicklow, Ireland.

The tower was constructed in 1781 and served as a functioning lighthouse until it was struck by lightening in October 1836. The ensuing fire destroyed the lamphouse and caused significant damage to the interior of the building, but given it’s status as a useful landmark, the structure was retained and its distinctive domed roof was added in 1866.

Since 1996, the property has been owned by The Irish Landmark Trust. The trust oversee the restoration of unique heritage buildings such as this and them make them available for hire as self-catering accommodation. This generates funds that will enable their ongoing preservation.

It is said that a woman was murdered by an ex-boyfriend when he discovered that she was betrothed to another man. The story tells of how he took a scythe and cut off her head while in a jealous rage. The spectre of a headless woman has been seen in the vicinity of the lighthouse, and reportedly on a staircase at the property itself. According to one report, she was spotted by a party of six who were staying at Wicklow Head Lighthouse in the early 2000s.

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Dunbur Head, Wicklow, Ireland

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