White Horse Hotel

White Horse Hotel
Derry City, Derry, Ireland.

The White Horse Hotel is a modern, four-star rated hotel complex located just a few moments’ drive from Derry’s historic city-centre. Business and leisure travellers can relax in one of 58 well-appointed en suite bedrooms and avail of all of today’s expected comforts, both in-room and on-site, with a lively bar, fine dining restaurant, spa, swimming pool and, fitness facilities – all just a moment away from where they lay their weary, unsuspecting heads.

Indeed, this fine, modern hotel offers service and facilities to please all its twenty-first-century guests, but according to some stories, some more unusual guests seem keen to check-in too.

Multiple accounts have been filed over the years that a phantom stagecoach occasionally trundles along part of Clooney Road before stopping right outside the hotel entrance. The driver then disembarks and enters the hotel, only then to completely disappear as he approaches the door.

Some reports suggest that past guests of the White Horse Hotel also encountered ghosts in their bedrooms and heard footsteps in the quiet corridors, though I can find no evidence to support any of this and the hotel did not divulge any examples of these experiences when I contacted them. Does that mean it did not happen though? Perhaps.

Venue Name
Official Rating
4 star rated.
Number Of Bedrooms
68 Clooney Road, Derry City, Derry, BT47 3PA, Ireland

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Concerts & Events
Family Friendly
Private Parties
Breakfast Available
Afternoon Tea
Casual Dining
Fine Dining
Car Park
Fitness Centre
Indoor Swimming Pool
Spa / Treatment Room

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