Watergate Theatre

Watergate Theatre
Kilkenny City, Kilkenny, Ireland.

The Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny was originally constructed as a cinema and the 1940s and was converted into a popular theatre in 1993.

An unidentified ghost has been encountered at the theatre. In 2014, the building’s caretaker was interviewed by a local publication, Kilkenny People. He revealed how he felt as if he were being watched by a figure standing on the gantry above him and how he would often catch sight of “him” in his peripheral vision. While unafraid, the caretaker took to keeping a radio on as he worked to mask the unexplained footsteps and voices he was hearing in the empty theatre.

When the well-known stage hypnotist, Keith Barry, performed at the Watergate Theatre, he reported to staff that there were a couple of ghosts “hanging around” at the theatre and that they had appeared during his show while he was on stage.

Venue Name
Parliament Street, Kilkenny City, Kilkenny, R95 D320, Ireland

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