Tullyglass Hotel and Residences

Tullyglass Hotel and Residences
Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland.

The three-star rated Tullyglass Hotel was originally built in 1880 when it served as an exclusive gentleman’s residence. The current owners purchased the house in the 1950s and the hotel now offers superb accommodation across 33 rooms and suites.

The hotel has seen several changes throughout the years, and it is this growth and development that is believed to have awoken the spirit of a young girl, referred to as Carrie.

Stories suggest that Carrie died in the bell tower on the property more than 200 years ago. The owners believe that Carrie may have thought it was their intention to demolish the hotel and that this triggered several sightings of her ghost in and around the hotel.

It was never the intention of the owners to demolish the property and it seems that Carrie got the message and is now resting soundly once more. That is not to say she will not make her presence known should she ever believe her home is truly at risk.

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3 star rated.
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178 Galgorm Road, Ballymena, Antrim, BT42 1HJ, Ireland

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