Tully Castle

Tully Castle
Blaney, Fermanagh, Ireland.

Tully Castle was a fortified house built between 1612 & 1615 for Scottish settler, Sir John Hulme. On Christmas Eve in 1641, rebel soldier, Rory Maguire, descended on the castle with the intention of reclaiming his family’s land. Many of the men who were based at the castle were away at the time rendering it defenceless, and when Maguire and his army arrived, they found it was full of women and children. Believing that she would spare the lives of those in her care, Lady Hulme surrendered the castle to Maguire. She was mistaken. All but the Hulmes themselves were massacred the next day when the castle was pillaged and then burnt. More than sixty women and children and over a dozen men lost their lives. The Hulme family fled and never returned to their home, leaving the site as it stands today.

Now a popular stop off for locals and passing tourists, the peaceful grounds of Tully Castle are believed to be haunted by the spirits of those murdered by Maguire and his army. Ghostly figures have been spotted wandering around the site late at night and the chilling sounds of unearthly screaming and moaning have been heard echoing through the ruined structure. Activity here is said to be at its strongest around Christmas.

Venue Name
Loughshore Road, Blaney, Fermanagh, BT93 6HP, Ireland

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Admission Policies
Open 24/7/365
Free Admission
Children Must Be Accompanied By An Adult
Facilities & Services
Car Park
Picnic Area
Toilets (opening hours may apply)
Visitor Centre

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There is a visitor’s centre nearby. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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