Trinity College

Trinity College
Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland.

Trinity College is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Edward Ford who was shot during a dispute with some troublesome students in the 1700s. On the 7th of March 1734, Ford intervened when he came across a group of them causing trouble and arousing the ire of a college porter. The group’s attention moved on to Ford and in their intoxicated state, they headed towards his on-campus dwelling at the Rubrics and proceeded to bombard his window with stones. Ford was by all accounts, a belligerent and disagreeable chap at the best of times. Having seen that his window had been broken, he was angered and reached for his pistol. The group temporarily dispersed, only to regroup a short while later with firearms of their own. Ford was critically injured and died later that evening. The ghost of a man in period costume has often been seen by students and tourists in the vicinity of the Rubrics, and many believe that this is the spirit of the murdered fellow.

Dr Samuel Clossey was an internationally well regarded anatomist who was credited with teaching many leading doctors during the eighteenth century. According to some storytellers, he enjoyed dissecting cadavers a little too much during classes and continued his experiments out of hours too. His name has been associated with the body snatchers who disturbed graves in search of recently deceased bodies for medical study. Even darker suggestions have been made that people were murdered when there were insufficient bodies available or when it was just quicker and easier to grab someone fresh. When foundations were being laid on site for a new building, human remains dating to the time of Clossey’s tenure were uncovered – perhaps buried in haste to hide nefarious deeds. Witnesses have reported seeing a tall, sinister figure passing through the college quadrangles with a surgical bag in one hand and a full, cloth sack in the other. Could this be his restless spirit?

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College Green, Dublin 2, Dublin, D02 PN40, Ireland

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