The Saggart Arms (1998)

The Saggart Arms (1998)
Saggart, Dublin, Ireland.

Although no-longer in use as a pub, the former Saggart Arms still stands (for now) on the main street in the old village of Saggart, Co. Dublin.

In 1998, alleged paranormal phenomena at the property resulted in the popular venue being featured on RTÉ’s Nationwide programme. Then owner, Sam Moorehead, revealed that he had encountered a run of misfortune and had concluded that recent works on site must have disturbed something. When a patron claimed she had encountered the phantom of lady wearing a black shawl and hat in the washroom, Sam decided it was time to seek help.

David de Roeck (a white witch) and Rose Smith (a medium) visited the pub and shared their findings, that two benevolent spirits (a mother and son) were trapped there and frustrated at being ignored. They performed a ritual to release the spirits, with Mr Moorehead expressing his hope that this would be the end of the unusual activity. He also remarked that he would sell the pub if they continued.

In 2001, Sam retired and put his pub up for sale. Whether the spirits are now at rest is unknown.

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