The Mansion House

The Mansion House
Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland.

Dating to 1705, the Mansion House has been the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin since 1715. It also served briefly as the meeting place of Dáil Éireann from 1919 to 1922.

Eibhlin Byrne served as Lord Mayor of Dublin in 2009. She noted that her dog was nervous of a particular room and refused to pass it. Someone had died in the room many years ago, and she noted that the room was always felt cooler than the rest of the house and that she had the sensation that someone was watching her in there. During Naoise O Muiri’s term in 2012, he recounted how six six year old daughter described seeing a girl with dark curly hair watching television during the night.

A psychic shared that she had encountered two spirits while visiting the property some years before. One was a servant girl who worked at the house over 200 years ago, while the other was an older man described as a “superior type who does not want to leave”.

Venue Name
Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland

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