The Fishermans Thatched Inn

The Fishermans Thatched Inn
Ballybrittas, Laois, Ireland.

This location has either been included based on the experience of a site user or where a reputable source has referenced an alleged haunting either at the location or in the immediate vicinity.

This quaint old pub in Ballybrittas has been standing for more than 300 years. While some say that pub is haunted, other comments that I have seen seem to indicate that a certain amount of scepticism surrounds at least some of the stories relating to it.

The owner has previously spoken of a hazy figure that regularly appeared near the fireplace in the bar area in the early hours of the morning. This appeared to be validated when a group of psychics visited the pub in 2013. One claimed to have sensed three spirits in the lounge, one of them being a male near the fireplace. The second spirit she encountered was female, but the third was male and malevolent. The owner also shared that he had felt a threatening presence when he let an earlier group in to investigate the pub, and that he told the unseen force “where to go”. Visitors calling into the old pub have also claimed to have captured orbs in photographs.

As I said above, comments that I have seen online seem to suggest that little (if anything) has been detected when serious investigations have been carried out at the property, and a local author certainly wasn’t convinced. Anyhow, everyone loves a good story. I would suggest calling in anyway and making up your own mind, perhaps over one of the spirits from behind the bar.

Venue Name
Fisherstown, Ballybrittas, Laois, R32 CR22, Ireland

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