Commodore Hotel

Commodore Hotel
Cobh, Cork, Ireland.

Originally known as “The Queens Hotel”, The Commodore Hotel in Cobh opened in 1854. Now approaching its 170th year in operation, it is fair to state that the hotel stood fast during periods of intense local, national, and international conflict, and has itself played a part in at least one significant historic event.

On the 7th of May 1915, the British vessel, RMS Lusitania, was torpedoed by a German U-boat off the Irish coast near Cork. 1,198 passengers and crew died because of the attack and many of those who survived were accommodated at the hotel. A makeshift hospital and morgue were also established to take care of the victims. At the time, the hotel was owned by Otto Humbert, a German man who was forced to take refuge in the hotel basement with his family to avoid localised acts of retaliation against his countrymen.

Some believe that the trauma surrounding the sinking of the Lusitania has trapped the souls of passengers within the walls of the hotel, with unexplained noises reported. Some guests have reported a strange chill in part of the building, and this is attributed to the spirit of a British soldier who took his own life there. But the most common tale reported is the sound of a wailing infant, echoing throughout the upper floors. Some stories suggest that a deceased baby was found in a suitcase many years ago but there is no actual record of this.

While the 3 star-rated Commodore Hotel is well-respected and has generally favourable reviews, several comments posted on TripAdvisor allude to other-wordly encounters.

My friend said she woke up several times with somebody walking in the room above with load heavy shoes. It turned out that there was no room above us and we learned that a Soldier had killed himself in the hotel. My husband and I were in a different room and we both hear heavy things being moved around during the night.

During the night I began to her the sound of a child/toddler crying in the room next to us and the more I focused on the crying, the louder it got until it reached a point where my ears began to ring violently and I started to feel dizzy. The crying was extremely loud and sounded like it was coming from all angles.

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4 Westbourne Place, Cobh, Cork, P24 XT93, Ireland

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