The Argyle Bar

The Argyle Bar
Edenballymore, Derry, Ireland.

In the 1950s, a resident living in a house adjoining the Argyle Bar popped out to use a telephone, momentarily leaving her young daughter alone in an upstairs rooms. When she was returning, she looked up at the house and saw an old woman looking out of the bedroom window where her child was sleeping. She ran into the house and up the stairs as quickly as she could, only to find the child alone in the room. The child was scared and was pointing at the window telling an unseen person to go away. A disturbed night followed with the child talking about the “witch” in her room. The next morning, a priest was informed of what had happened and went to bless the room. When he had finished his blessing, he told the frightened family that there was something evil in that room and that they should leave. They took the priest’s advice and left that day.

The house was later purchased by the neighbouring pub and the upstairs toilets are located where the young girl’s bedroom would have been. Some claim that this area of the popular pub is still haunted.

Venue Name
69-75 Argyle Street, Edenballymore, Derry, BT48 7JJ, Ireland

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