The Abbey Hotel

The Abbey Hotel
Donegal Town, Donegal, Ireland.

This location has either been included based on the experience of a site user or where a reputable source has referenced an alleged haunting either at the location or in the immediate vicinity.

This popular hotel, located in the centre of Donegal Town, is not listed anywhere as being “officially” haunted. In spite of that, several guests have claimed they experienced unusual activity while staying at the hotel. On that basis, I am including it as a “rumoured” haunting.

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Guest Comments

Sometimes, guests share their ghostly experiences on travel websites. Snippets of these reviews may be shared here from time to time. Don’t forget to check “Share Your Experience” below if you want to add your own supernatural experience on this website, or view comments left by other users.

Enjoyed this stay for my fiancée birthday but room 218 we believe is haunted.. my fiancée seen a lady dressed in old Victorian clothes but myself heard a lady talking in the bathroom… lovely room but you feel like your being watched, must say lovely hotel

The biggest thing that shocked me was we had a presence call it what u like spirt, ghost, my sister was reading a book and for the record doesn’t drink seen a figure go from one end of the room to the other. Everytime we left our room we would turn the lights all out, we would double check our room door shut but when we came back everytime the door would be open and every light on. No maids go into your room till u check out due to covid. (We stayed 3 nights) we left our room this morning we stood at the door and wish our spirit well and thank them for keeping us safe and it slammed the door in our face as if to stay u didn’t make me up. I find the whole experience bizarre as I don’t believe in stuff light this, but something was happening that was beyond explanation.

Stayed in room 311 with my brother and had a very strange experience. A blue light (looked like a woman) hovered over my brothers bed and scared the life out of me. Never felt a presence like that in my life. Very strange to see a similar review in room 334 posted in 2014. Strangely enough my parents were staying in room 334.

Stay in room 334 with my wife and two young boys. Used pool in the central hotel. Stay nice EXCEPT during the day the bathroom door closed by itself. No big deal and thought nothing of it. Come night kids surprisingly unsettled. Only fell asleep after 11pm. We fell asleep for a few minutes before the TV went on. Remote resting in the bed side cupboard. My wife turn it off and its was immediately turned on again. This happened three times and I then pulled the plug out. Got into bed then the hairs on my back stood UP. The mattress edge lowered then it was evident three were now in the bed. Pressure was felt on the pillow beside my head. I shook my wife. I then heard movement at the bedside and the bottom of the divan bring kicked. It was a sleepless night. A presence definitely felt. Told the hotel reception in the morning. They were interested but at the same time poking fun at the situation.

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3 star rated.
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The Diamond, Donegal Town, Donegal, F94 AP8W, Ireland

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