St. Matthew’s Terrace (1985)

St. Matthew’s Terrace (1985)
Ballymahon, Longford, Ireland.

In 1985, RTÉ News reported that a family living at a property in Longford, had abandoned their home due to the paranormal activity they had encountered there. The family reported hearing strange noises and said that lights were switching on and off.

Despite supportive neighbours who appeared to agree that the activity could be paranormal in nature, the family’s request to the county council to be rehomed was dismissed.

From the RTÉ Archives

Family move from a house they say was haunted to a four berth caravan with no running water.

The Courtney family left their council house in Ballymahon, County Longford because they believed it was haunted.

The family reported hearing strange noises in the house and appealed to the church and the council for help. Failing to get the help they wanted, they decided to leave the house and are now living in a caravan without utilities or hope of being rehoused.

Mary and Patrick Courtney, and their son Patrick spoke to RTÉ News about their experiences. RTÉ News also spoke to their former neighbours, at Saint Matthew’s Terrace, who are largely in agreement with the family that the house may be haunted.

Longford County Council Manager, Michael Killeen, says that there is little the council can do to help the family who he says have voluntarily left their home. A new family are due to occupy the house at ** St. Matthew’s Terrace in the coming days.

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