St. George's Church

St. George's Church
Rotunda, Dublin, Ireland.
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St. George’s Church was founded in 1802 as a place of worship for the Church of Ireland. It takes inspiration from Greek Revival and Gothic Revival architecture. Its services were closed in 1990 and in 1993, it opened up as a live music venue, operating in this capacity for a number of years. It was during its time as a music venue, that there were reportings of paranormal activity.

The sounds of ghostly piano music and coughing have been attributed to George Harrison, who was an organist for the church for 75 years. Another spirit that was seen was that of an airman in World War 2 clothing. During one gig, the American rapper Puff Daddy, claimed the ghost of the airman was witnessed by him and his associates. However, when they went after him, the spirit was gone.

Venue Name
2 Hardwicke Place, Rotunda, Dublin, D01 DX94, Ireland

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