Skryne Castle

Skryne Castle
Tara, Meath, Ireland.

Skryne Castle is a 3-storey, 12th-century structure, located in lush countryside and just a short distance from the legendary Hill of Tara. The castle is currently available to rent on a self-catering basis.

There are multiple tales attached to Skryne Castle, but the best-documented one relates to the ghost of Lilith Palmerston.

A neighbouring landowner and widower, Phelim Sellers, is believed to have taken a liking to young Lilith and attacked her when she rejected his advances. On this occasion, servants intervened, and Lilith was rescued – but fearing that he may try again, Lilith made plans to flee to Dublin. When Sellers found out, he was enraged and attacked her once more – but this time, she was alone and was killed. Stories suggest that Sellers killed her by forcing foxgloves down her throat. Sellers fled but was later caught and hanged for her murder. Some believe that he may have also been responsible for the earlier death of his wife.

Lilith now appears as a lady in white, fleeing the house and clutching her throat. Her screams have also been heard echoing throughout the property, and unexplained footsteps may be related to her or to her attacker. An overweight male figure dressed in 18th-century clothing has been seen as well.

The building is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a nun who disappears silently when spotted, and a tall man and his hunting hound were rumoured to walk the grounds too, although they have not been seen in recent times.

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Tara, Meath, C15 CVY0, Ireland

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