Sharon Rectory

Sharon Rectory
Newtowncunningham, Donegal, Ireland.

Sharon Rectory was built in 1775 and originally served as a Church of Ireland Rectory. In March In 1797, a magistrate – Dr William Hamilton – arrived at the property seeking refuge from the United Irishmen. When the angry mob descended on the property and demanded that Hamilton come out, the Lady of the House, Mrs. Sarah Waller, was shot dead as she rushed to shield her wheelchair bound husband from the onslaught. Stories suggest that Hamilton actually used this human shield to his own advantage. Angered by what had happened, the distraught house staff put Dr Hamilton out of the house and in doing so, sealed his fate – he was shot dead on the doorstep.

The ghost of Mrs. Waller is said to haunt the property to this day. She is often referred to as the “the blue lady”. Despite being a benevolent soul who lost her life in violent and tragic circumstances, attempts to give her peace failed. However, the blue lady is not alone. A much darker force is believed to haunt the home.

In the 1990s, the then run down property was purchased by the Tully family. Renovations were carried out at the property, but a malevolent presence has made it hard for the residing family to call it their home. Several spirits are said to roam the property, but a dark entity (referred to as “Philip”) is said to be capable of attacking the occupants at will. The living are not giving up the fight though.

Several paranormal investigations have taken place at the property and it has featured in many newspapers and television shows.

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