Seafield House

Seafield House
Sligo, Ireland.

Seafield House dates to 1842. It was built as a magnificent home for William Phibbs, a wealthy British landlord.

William’s son, Owen, was an archaeologist who collected (you could say robbed) rare and valuable items during his overseas visits. When Owen returned from a tour of Egypt, Syria and the far east, he proudly displayed a collection of treasures and other artifacts that he had amassed in a “museum” at Seafield House. It was at this time that strange things began to happen in the house.

Residents experienced chills while trying to sleep. Staff would speak of items being thrown around the house by unseen forces, furniture moving of its own accord and of items being smashed and thrown around violently during the night. The disturbing apparition of a tall, dark figure was spotted on the stairs, and the gardener fled in horror when he saw the same figure walking out into the sea, accompanied by the sound of ethereal, manic laughter.

As a landlord, it was said that Phibbs was arrogant and cruel, flaunting his power and his wealth at a time when Ireland was going through extreme hardship. He expected tenants to salute as he passed them and evicted those who couldn’t afford the exorbitant rent that had been levied on them. On being cast out, an ailing widow cursed the family saying that Phibbs would be doomed to walk the halls of Seafield forever and that one day only birds would next in its ruins.

Indeed, it would appear that a curse had befallen the family and now they were having trouble retaining staff. They denied that the house was haunted and even changed the name to Lisheen House in 1899 in an attempt to distance it from the allegations that something sinister was happening there. A group of Jesuit priests was invited to the house and they offered daily masses in an attempt to heal whatever was angered within the walls, but this did not appease the spirits either.

It is said that the final straw came one night when the entire house began to shake violently, as if an earthquake had struck. That night, the family and its remaining staff all fled the property, never to return.

As if the widow’s curse followed through. The house was sold in 1938 and was stripped of any items of worth. Today, the roofless property sits abandoned and birds are the only living creatures to call it home. Sure enough, mysterious sounds are still heard at the property, and a ghostly horse and carriage has been seen pulling up to it on occasion.

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Seafield, Sligo, Ireland
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Closed - No Entry

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