Scotshouse, Monaghan, Ireland.
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Many thanks to L. Johnson for suggesting this location.

A male apparition wearing full armour reputedly walks along the road and sits at a drinking pool in this area.

During the Ulster Plantation, there was a woman who was turned from her farmhouse during the plantation and the man who turned the woman out was afterwards killed from his horse at a pool on the site.

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My thanks to Leif for submitting this story. When I did some background research on this, I found the following tale:

There is supposed to be a ghost a Scotshouse in Co Monaghan in the townland of Drumnashroe. It is supposed to appear at half seven in the evening. A man who saw the ghost states that he had heard about it and made up his mind to watch for it. One night he watched at the place it was supposed to frequent. At the appointed time it came, a man in full armour. He came stealthily down the road his eyes fixed before him and went towards a drinking pool that was at the far side of the road where the man sat. He then disappeared. This pool is supposed to be on a farm which belonged to a widow with large family. The woman was turned from her home during the plantations and the man who turned the woman out was afterwards killed from his horse at that pool. It is supposed to be his ghost that frequents the place.

I also found this piece, from the Northern Standard dated April 8, 1938.
The Northern Standard, April 8, 1938.

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Scotshouse, Monaghan, Ireland

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