Rathfarnham Castle

Rathfarnham Castle
Dublin 14, Dublin, Ireland.

Rathfarnham Castle is a fine, four storey Georgian house built c.1583.

The ghost of woman is said to haunt the castle ballroom. An old story recounts how two suitors were competing for her affection and locked her away behind the ballroom paneling. They would the hold a duel with the victor returning to set her free and take her hand. But there was a major flaw to this as both men died in the duel leaving the poor woman trapped for 130 years.

Another story relating the property recalls how the the pond froze over during the winter of 1840/41. A group decided to seize the opportunity and go skating. Tragically, the ice was not thick enough and one of the party fell through in to the deep water beneath. His dog dived into the water in an ill-fated attempt to rescue its master, but sadly both perished. The ghost of the dog has been seen on a few occasions in the grounds and on the road between the castle gate and the Dodder Bridge.

One of the lodges on the site is aslo believed to haunted. A former lodge keeper recalled seeing the ghost a young boy by one of the gates. It is believed that he was murdered there.

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Rathfarnham, Dublin 14, Dublin, D14 K3T6, Ireland

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