R403, Near Celbridge

R403, Near Celbridge
Celbridge, Kildare, Ireland.
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Many thanks to L. Johnson for suggesting this location.

The spirit of a man dressed all in black and carrying a small, white plastic bag has been spotted at midnight walking along the R403 road that leads into Celbridge. It is thought that this man was knocked down and killed by a driver and his spirit is trying to make his journey back home.

Eye Witness Account

Extract from an eyewitness account that was shared on a public forum.

I used to do bread deliveries in the Dublin/Kildare region, early starts, 02:30am Monday mornings to Saturday mornings. After doing a few drops in Lucan I would make my way to Celbridge by the R835 onto the R403 right over the bridge into Celbridge. One morning I was trotting along around 80km when I noticed a person dressed all in black with a small white plastic bag walking along my side of the road in beside the bushes. I slowed down, and as I got closer I moved more into the middle of the road. As I passed the person they seemed to disappear into the bushes, I thought the person was just standing in closer for safety but noticed when I looked in my mirror nobody was there. I turned around on the road and drove back to the same spot to check and see if the person fell or I had hit them but there was no sign of anyone. I just thought the person maybe took a short cut through fields home, thought nothing more of it after that. Few months later, the exact same thing happened and my brother was with me at the time, he seen it too. I freaked out cause it had happened before and he said we must of been seeing things as it was early, dark and tired. We again left it at that. Same thing again happened a while later so I started asking around. Supposedly there was a man who was walking back from the pub along that road, dressed all in black with his usual white plastic shopping bag. He was knocked down and killed on the spot. He supposedly still walks the road to this day. I had seen it a few more times after that but now have a new job so don’t be out that way. Poor chap is probably still trying to make his last journey home.

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Celbridge, Kildare, Ireland
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