Private Residence, Nenagh

Private Residence, Nenagh
Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland.


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In 2007, Damian and Stacey Mitchell moved into their new home on an estate in Nenagh, Tipperary. The couple both knew the area well and believed it would be a safe and quiet place to raise a family. But a few months after they moved in, they began to experience unsettling activity in their new home. It started with banging sounds emanating from the loft space and cold draughts sweeping through their rooms. They would sense that “something” was standing in the doorway of their bedroom, and even the family dog would start growling into thin air – but there was nobody (human) there in either instance. At first, they believed that there must be a rational explanation for what they were experiencing. They had just taken out a mortgage on the place – it couldn’t possibly be anything supernatural, right?

But the activity began to intensify. Their first born daughter would be in her cot and would wake up crying and whimpering at regular intervals during the night. Her parents would take it in turns to go in and settle her. But on one occasion, Damien had cause to turn on the light. With the light on, the child began to scream and was inconsolable. Her eyes were fixed on something in the room that neither parent could see. At this point, they knew that something was very wrong. The concerned couple were feeling unusually fatigued and had also brushed this off as somehow “normal”, but believing there was an entity in the house that it could potentially harm their child, they reached out for help.

Initially, they reached out to the church. A priest duly came and performed a blessing, but less than a fortnight later, the activity was as strong as ever. They continued to hear noises and sense a presence around the home. Stacey even saw what she described as a “black mass” moving towards her, but when she turned to face it, there was nothing there.

Despite the activity, the couple tried their best to carry on and to manage the situation as best they could. Soon after, they welcomed twin girls and all was well for three months, but then they too would be disturbed during the night. They turned to a spiritual healer who told them that there were negative energies in the house and she performed a cleansing ritual. For a time, things seemed to calm down but after a few months, the energy in the house began to feel heavy once more. They would hear footsteps and clicking sounds. Their calls to the healer went unanswered and they found themselves back at square one.

The smell of rotten eggs was now being detected in the kitchen. Recognising this as a sign that they could be dealing with something demonic, Damien began to take photos. Sure enough, evil faces were spotted in some of the photos.

Another healer invited them to Dublin and asked them to bring photos from specific locations within the house. They set off to meet her with the required fee and enough fuel in the tank to make the journey, but within 45 minutes, the fuel gauge was showing that the tank was running empty. They stopped off and purchased more fuel and continued, but again the gauge would soon tell them they were running low of fuel. They eventually arrived for their appointment 15 minutes late and the healer concurred that “something” did not want them to attend that meeting. The healer performed a cleansing of the house via the photos and told them that it would need seven days to be complete.

The couple were advised by another party that there were converging ley lines under their home, and that this essentially created a vortex. They were also given the news that their neighbourhood was built over a famine era burial site. So when activity resumed in the home yet again, Damien began his own research and concluded that by chanting for up to three hours a day, he could keep the negative energy at bay. There is a resurgence if he does not do this daily.

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