Portlick Castle

Portlick Castle
Glasson, Westmeath, Ireland.

Portlick Castle is an impressive lakeside structure located in Glasson, County Westmeath – not far from Athlone. Originally founded in the 12th-century, the castle has been extended and remodelled several times over the course of several centuries, resulting in a unique building with several different layers and architectural styles evident inside and out.

A phantom blue lady haunts the castle staircase and has been spotted by past owners and guests. One guest recalled her experience while attending a wedding at the castle. On her arrival, she experienced the feeling of “something” passing through her as she walked through the great hall. Later, as the festivities commenced, she spotted a blue light at the bottom of the staircase. As she watched on, the shape of an arm, followed by a hip and then a thigh began to manifest, as if a figure were moving up the stairs, before turning and coming down again. The guest later relayed her experience to the owner who was unsurprised at her encounter, having experienced the same several times himself.

The ghost of a former prisoner is also said to roam the castle dungeon.

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