Our Lady’s Hospital, Ennis

Our Lady’s Hospital, Ennis
Ennis, Clare, Ireland.

Our Lady’s Hospital (“The Ennis Asylum”) opened in 1868. As was typical of such institutions of the time, many of the poor souls who ended up here weren’t necessarily in need of any significant or long term treatment – their families just wanted shot of them. In addition, the economy was weak so local businesses relied on the hospital for trade and the local people for employment. Conditions were grim and in a few places unsanitary. There were no activities to keep “patients” occupied, treatments were experimental and often harsh, and overcrowding was a consistent problem. In essence, it was a hopeless place for patients and staff alike.

Despite critical reports, the facility only closed in 2002. The condition of the already deteriorating building began to worsen thereafter, and it began to draw the attention of urban explorers who were keen to get in and view the setting that nurses once described as “hell”. Rumours also began to spread that the building was haunted, and given the carry on in places like this, that’s not hard to believe either.

In April 2022, Paranormal Supernatural Investigation Ireland visited the site. They claimed to have captured voices during their investigation of the property, but a photograph they took drew particular interest from the media. A shot of an upstairs window appears to show the likeness of a child looking out, but of course – the building is empty. So what was it? Was it a ghost? Was it an imprint left on the glass by a previous occupant? What do you think?

Venue Name
Gort Road, Ennis, Clare, Ireland
Admission Policies
Closed - No Entry

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