Old Straffan Railway

Old Straffan Railway
Straffan, Kildare, Ireland.

On the 5th of October 1853, a terrible accident occurred on the railway line near to where Straffan station once stood. On this night, a goods train collided with a stationary passenger train and sixteen lives were tragically lost. The investigation concluded that that the guard on duty had neglected to place a warning lamp on the rear of the stationary train which had become stranded after a piston gave way. Had he done so, the oncoming train would have been alerted and the accident would have been avoided.

The railway station closed in 1947 and has since been demolished, but the ghost of a man carrying a lamp has been seen walking along the track where the incident occurred. Many believe that this is the restless soul of the guard who made that fatal error in 1853.

It should go without saying, but do not even attempt to visit this location. While the station may have closed, the railway is still very much in use and the dangers are obvious.

Admission Policies
Closed - No Entry

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