National Museum of Ireland - Collins Barracks

National Museum of Ireland - Collins Barracks
Dublin, Ireland.

Collins Barracks was built in 1702 and originally served as a military barracks. In 1997, the building underwent extensive works and was transformed into the Decorative Arts & History branch of the National Museum of Ireland. The museum contains artifacts of historical significance, such as Irish coins, silverware, furniture, costumes, and ceramics.

The historic building is reputedly haunted by the ghosts of soldiers dressed in uniforms from World War 1. They have been spotted by many people who (naturally enough) assumed that they were actors employed by the museum. The spectre of a man wearing a 19th-century soldier’s uniform has also been spotted, and unexplained noises including screams and distressed horses have reportedly been heard.

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Collins Barracks, Dublin, D07 XKV4, Ireland

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Horse & Carriage
Behind the barracks is a military church and surrounding graveyard. It is actually where all the leaders of the 1916 Easter rising are buried. Well, just inside the gates of the churchyard there is a small lodge to your right as you go in the gate. My father and mother used to live there […]


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